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Services Information
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  • Website Services

    • Web site building

    • Existing web site renovation

    • Web site updates & maintenance

    • Electronic file transfer

    • Domain name services provided through VeriSign®

    • Simple & secure payment for your products or services accepted from your website using your free PayPal account. (PayPal allows you to receive/send payments via credit card,  e-check, bank account transfer, or your free secure online PayPal account.  see more here)

  • Graphics

    • Creation of custom web graphics, logos and other digital art for use in your web site

    • Photo & image manipulation including limited repair, enhancement,
      thumbnail creation, web optimization

    • Photo or art scanning for use on your site or project

    • Slideshows playable with Windows Media Player

  • Audio

    • Custom .WAV, .MP3, Windows Media™, RealAudio™ files created

    • Custom AOL, e-mail, IM, and other PC sounds

    • Small scale CD-R & CD-RW burning for custom audio, data or multimedia CD creation
      (including hidden tracks or other bonus multimedia;  No minimum orders for CD burning

    • Conversion of existing analog or digital audio into CBR or VBR MP3 files (from WAV, CDA, MP2, MP3, EMM, BMT, BMO etc.)

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Pricing Information
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Prices and conditions are subject to change without notice.  Please e-mail us for the latest information.
Special discounts for preferred customers, non-profits or personal sites not listed. 


Site Building

Single Page Web Site (FrontPage™) $75 - $150 This option is for sites published to a server with FrontPage extensions.  Because of this no extra charges will be incurred for initial transfer of files to server, form handling and certain other site enhancements.
Multi-Page Web Site (FrontPage™) $250
Single Page Web Site  $150 - $350 This option is for sites transferred to standard server space.  Extra charges may be incurred for transferring files to server, insertion of form handling scripts, and other services depending on their complexity.
Multi-Page Web Site  $450

Update Packages

Unscheduled Web Site Updates $30 The index fee covers any text changes the index page, clean-up, keyword targeting and file transfer.  $20 for each additional  page to be edited.  Standard prices for all other services.
Quarterly Web Site Updates $200 The index fee covers any text changes the index page, clean-up, keyword targeting and file transfer.  $15 for each additional  page to be edited.  Standard prices for all other services.
Bi-Monthly Web Site Updates  $400 The index fee covers any text changes the index page, clean-up, keyword targeting and file transfer.  $10 for each additional  page to be edited.  Standard prices for all other services.
Monthly Web Site Updates $600 No per page charges (update one or all pages).  Free custom code placement, 5 free photos per update,  "as-is" graphics are always added free.  Most services performed free of charge.

Miscellaneous Services

Add/Enhance a Photo $8 Image fee covers one or all of the following services: Placement, layout, cropping, sizing, clean-up, thumbnail creation.  Does not cover scanning.
Add/Enhance a Graphic $4 A graphic is a non-photo image that is placed on your page "as-is", without any editing.  Graphics that need editing are charged as a photo.
Scanning a Photo $5 Photos are scanned at 72-150 dpi

* Prices are not always fixed.  You may pay less if your site is personal or non-profit. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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It's called the age of Aquarius
where logic and truth will take care of us
So in this age of spiritual dignity
you'll see a rise in femininity and creativity
matched with masculinity
You got to get with me
This is your true herstory
Do you wanna go higher?"

Excerpt from 4th Quarter - Free Throws
from KRS-ONE's album I Got Next

Non Package Update
Minimum charge of $30 for index upkeep + $20 for each additional page edited
See Discounts to save! 


Monthly  Update Package 
$600 for 12 updates with 2 floating updates that can be used at any time
See Discounts to save! 

Web Site Maintenance
For many companies a web site has become a mission-critical component of the business, directly supporting marketing, sales, distribution, procurement and customer relationships management. It is therefore imperative that your site is updated regularly with new content and technology. Advanced Media Productions takes full responsibility for a client's web site, ensuring your site will be maintained and developed on an ongoing basis.

One of the most important aspects of web site maintenance is content updates reflecting changes and expansion of the business. New content in the form of monthly special offers, useful tips and noteworthy news articles give visitors a reason to return.

Our full-time staff offers our customers the development expertise required to build and support the functionality and technology updates your web site needs to remain competitive in the new world of online business.

Web Site Maintenance Services can be provided on either a fixed monthly arrangement or on an as needed basis. Major revamping of existing sites, including adding e-commerce, integrated database capabilities and other advanced work will be quoted separately as needed.

For our clients we develop:
Interactive Presentations
Electronic Books
Collateral Material Archives

Interactive Documentations

Digital Media Services
With the growth of consumer broadband Internet access, inexpensive, fast PC's and innovative network optimization technologies, streaming media has become an attractive vehicle for online advertising, product demonstrations, intranet broadcasts or the creation of digital media web sites.

Our end-to-end digital media encoding and streaming solutions enable you to take your existing audio and video content and use it on the web. We accept your "traditional" video or audio recordings such as VHS and audiocassette tapes and convert it to compressed digital media such as
AVI or WAV files for use as downloadable or streaming Internet media.

Windows Media Format

Word 4.o - 5.1 for Macintosh
Word 2.x for Windows
Works 4.0 for Windows
Works 3.0 for Windows
WordPerfect 6.x
WordPerfect 5.x
Windows Write

Construction packages include:

  • Up to 20 mailto links 1

  • Custom header, footer and navigation

  • Up to 15 hyperlinks to outside sites

  • Desired inter-page links on Home page

  • Text content formatting (styles, size, colors)

  • Table formatting, sizing, cell & border colors

  • Up to 10 client supplied images or graphics 2

  • Digital transfer of web site files to server

  • Processing and formatting of content files

  • Keyword optimization for home page

  • Free! Acquisition of free server space 3

  • Free! Acquisition of a free e-mail address 3

  • Free! Submission to Open Directory 4

  • Free! Tracker to see how people reach your page

  • Free! Custom code placement

  • Free! Placement of client supplied HR image

  • Free! Placement of client supplied list bullet image

  • Free! Placement of up to 3 promotional logos 

  • Free! Interactive feedback form (FrontPage® sites only)

  • Free! Image map (FrontPage® sites only) 3

1 Client must have valid e-mail addresses
creation of HR image & creation of personal list bullets.  No charge for image use on multiple page
3 If desired
4 Inclusion in Open Directory is entirely at their discretion

  New Customer Guide
Important! Please visit our submitting content page before sending any content documents.

$8 per image

Graphic optimization, cropping, thumbnails, layout & placement of client supplied graphics

MP3 Production
MP3 production, handling & transfer to destination server.  Inquire here for detailed audio pricing.


Digital text: No charge
(text sent by e-mail)
$10 charge for text sent in any file type other than e-mail

OCR: $20 per page

Manual Input: Quote

Special Coding

Quote depending on desired item complexity



Preferred Customers

  • $6 off index edit fee; $5 off each page to be edited

  • $3 off each image

Contact 11th House for details on how to become a Preferred Customer

PayPal electronic payments

  • 7% off: Non package updates

  • 10% off: Building Packages

  • 20% off: Update Packages

NPO discounts applicable for Non-Profit or Personal sites. Above discounts do not apply.

Non-Profit / Personal sites

%50 to %75 off for qualifying personal sites and Non-Profits.
(this discount is at the discretion of 11th House)

Payments through your free PayPal account may be required to qualify for this discount.


Site Construction Packages

Single Page Site Construction Package (FrontPage®) $150*
A single page web site
Multi-Page Site Construction Package (FrontPage®)  $250*
A home page with up to 4 sub pages

*Prices given above are for a site built on a hosting service that provides access to FrontPage® Extensions to allow for remote access and provides site and handling tools.  11th House will obtain free server space that provides extensions for you.

Single Page Site Construction Package (Pure HTML) $475
A one page web site with graphics 
Multi-Page Site Construction Package (Pure HTML)  $575
A home page with up to 4 sub pages

This option is best for someone who plans to maintain and update their own web site, or have an in house employee do it by editing the site's HTML.  You must provide a valid FTP address for your server for this option.


 Because of the custom authoring nature of site building and the expenses and services involved, 11th House requires payment in advance.  Fees are refundable at any time all the way through the process, minus a $20 non-refundable deposit.

11th House prefers online PayPal payments and provides discounts to individuals and businesses paying in this manner. (NPOs are always eligible for 50-75% discount, but will get extra site enhancements for paying with PayPal payments)
PayPal payments will continue to go to the e-mail address of Imagination² Studios ™)

  Your account at PayPal is insured up to $100,000 with instant and FREE SafeWeb® Insurance from Travelers Insurance.

PayPal Services
Send Money | Request Money | Business Accounts | Auction Payments | Shopping Cart


Earn $50* for helping a friend or client!

Join the 11th House associate program and earn fifty dollars for all referrals that purchase our services!  Contact 11th House for details.

*After December 31 2001, payments will revert to the regular rate of $25 with boosts back to $50 on special occasions.


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