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How to Submit your Content

Graphics & Photos
All images should be sent as e-mail attachments, in .JPG  or .GIF format and scanned at 72dpi to 100dpi

Digital text
Send your digital text typed in an email, formatted as close to how you want it to appear in layout.

Can also open most of the following types of documents for a additional processing fee of $10:

HTML, RTF, text, Word 97-2000, Lotus 123, Excel, Word 6.0/95, Word 4.o - 5.1 for Macintosh, Word 2.x for Windows, Works 4.0 for Windows, Works 3.0 for Windows, WordPerfect 6.x, WordPerfect 5.x, Windows Write

OCR (text scanning) - 
Content submitted for OCR scanning must be typed in a simple font and may be mailed.

Manual Text Input - 
Client must supply text content in typed or clearly written/printed form (cross outs & corrections are O.K.)


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